The Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St. Francis Xavier 2014 concluded on 4th Jan 2015.
I am indeed happy to inaugurate this website and to greet most cordially everyone who, from this moment, will visit it. May the powerful intercession of St. Francis Xavier -- whom this site celebrates as the Solemn Exposition of his Sacred Relics approaches read more

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Bear with one another; forgive each other if one of you has a complaint against another. The Lord has forgiven you; now you must do the same. Over all these clothes, put on love, the perfect bond. And may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, because it is for this that you were called together in one body. Always be thankful.
Colossians 3:13-15


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St.Francis Xavier, born Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta, on 7th April 1506 was the sixth and last child born to Dr. Joao de Xavier and Maria d’Aspilcueta at Xavier castle, Navarra(now part of Spain). He was a Roman Catholic missionary who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Asia and was the co-founder of the Society of Jesus. Francis Xavier was beatified by Pope Paul V on 25th October 1619, and was canonized by Pope Gregory XV on 22nd March 1622. Pope Pius XI proclaimed him the "Patron of Catholic Missions". His feast is celebrated on 3rd December. The body of St Francis Xavier which miraculously defied the laws of nature, of turning into dust, lies till this day in a silver casket in the Church of Bom Jesus Basilica in Goa, India. Ceremonies to honor his death are performed on December 3rd, all over the World, the day he was buried . The exposition of the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier which is held every 10 years will be held this November from 22nd of November 2014 till 4th of January 2015, which will be the 17th public Exposition of the Sacred Relics of the Saint. The theme for this Exposition is " Faith Creates Communion, Strengthens Family, Commissions to Renew the Society " / " Bhavart Ekchar Rochta, Kuttumb Thirayta, Somaz Novsorunk Pattoyta " . This Official website of the Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St. Francis Xavier 2014 will try and help you with all the information you seek to make your Pilgrimage of faith in Goa fruitful and enriching.

The sacred relics of St Francis Xavier lies in a silver casket in the Church of Bom Jesus Basilica in Goa, India.

In Goa the body of St. Francis was first buried near the main alter of S. Paulo church, Old Goa.

When this church was demolished in 1560, the body was exhumed and was kept in the rector’s room and later in the room of the novice master, in the chapel of S. Tome, in the sacristy and finally it was taken to Bom Jesus Basilica,Old Goa where it lies today.

  • The coffin has been opened for public and private expositions several times in the past before it was sealed in a silver glass casket.

  • Several stamps have been released over the years in remembrance of various expositions held. Also various exhibitions, such as industrial & agricultural, sacred art, have been held.

  • The number of faithful visiting Old Goa for the exposition of the scared relics has been increasing double-fold every 10 years.

  • This sacred relics which lies in the Bom Jesus Basilica will be shifted in a solemn procession to the Sé Catedral, which is opposite the Basilica, for veneration from 22nd of November 2014 till 4th of January 2015.

Misa Uprant Magnnem

Bapa,tujea puta Jezuchea jeunnant tuvem amkam vantto dilai ani tujea Puta sovem amkam ek keleant.
Jezu borobor ravun bhavartache kholayen vaddunk amkam adar di ani Bhagevont Fransisk Xaviera bhaxen amkam Jezuche govai kor.
Bhavartache kholayen bhavarteam sovem ekchar rochunk, bhavartachea bollan kuttumbik jivit Jezuche xikounne pormonne povitr korunk
ani he povitrtayen somaz novsorunk amkam Jezuchim hurbevont hatiaram kor.
Bhagevont Fransisk Xavierachea relikanche dakounnek amkam bhavartan toyar kor
ani Povitr Atmeachea uzvaddan ani bollan novsornni haddunk ho soeg amkam follvont zaum.


Prayer after mass

Loving Father, through the partaking in this Eucharistic Celebration, You unite us , with Your son Jesus.
We thank you for making us worthy, to share in His meal of love.
We ask, to deepen our Faith in you, And like St. Francis Xavier, may we also be witnesses of Christ.
May our faith find expression in our actions, So that we are able to communicate and connect with all our brethren. Strengthen our Families and make them holy.
May the grace we receive through Faith, lead us to live, In accordance to the teachings of Jesus. Grant that we may become His spirited instruments to renew society.
May we prepare ourselves in Faith ,for the Solemn Exposition, Of the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier. And may this occasion be an opportunity for a fruitful renewal Of our lives .
Allow Your Holy Spirit to guide us in grace and wisdom.

Prayer for the Family

God, our Heavenly Father, You are our Creator, You nurture us, through the wonderful gift of our family, So that we may experience the fullness of your love.
May our families grow to love and forgive each other everyday.
In doing so, may we unite in the love of Jesus, And find joy in service to community.
May we, by our exemplary lives, Contribute to the renewal of society.
Grant that we may also be zealous in Faith, at all times, Even more, as we prepare for the Solemn Exposition of the Sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier.
Mary, our mother, protect and keep us in your loving care. Intercede for us that we may grow in grace and wisdom. Bless us always with good health.

Kuttumba Pasot Magnnem

Bapa tuvem mon’xak rochloi ani kuttumba vorvim taka posloi ani vaddoiloi.
Amchea kuttumba pasot ami tuka argham ditanv.
Amchem kuttumbh Jezuchea mogan ekttai, eka-mekachea mogan ani bhogsonnean vaddoi ani somudayik monan thiray.
Amchea jivitache bore dekhi vorvim somazant novsornni haddunk amkam adar di
ani Bhagevont Fransisk Xavierache relikanche dakhounnek hurben ani bhavartan amkam toyar kor.
Marie amche Maie,
amchem kuttumb tuje aasrea khal samball ani tuje mozotin kurpen, zannvayen ani bore bolayken vaddoi.